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Willow Curve - OTC Quality of Life

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The Official Willow Curve.  

ADVANCED LASER TECHNOLOGY. The Willow Curve is a state-of-the-art computer controlled low-level laser.

EASY TO USE. This digital device is easy to use. Light and portable, this U-shaped device can be placed on various joints throughout the body. An adjustable Velcro strap holds the unit securely in place for each 24-minute laser session.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. The Willow Curve’s advanced technological design includes a complex array of sensors that, when engaged, gather information from the skin’s surface. The unit’s internal computer then uses the body’s responses to select an algorithm that will determine how the low-level laser session will progress.

Joint pain clearly and dramatically affects your overall quality of life. That's why the intelligent Willow Curve was designed – to provide non-invasive pain relief to give you a better life! 

Designed at the intersection of quality, craftsmanship and health technology. Built with high-grade components, the Willow Curve is manufactured to last.  Each Willow Curve is hand assembled and tested before it ships to you.

To get started, simply remove it from the charging dock, press the power button, and select from one of the five pre-programmed modes.  Then, place it on bare skin where it hurts and sit back and relax.  Do it as often as you need for pain relief.

Your Willow Curve comes beautifully boxed and includes preloaded software, charging dock, power supply, battery, and carrying strap.


Available only within the United Sates.