Dealing with an Injury

When you have had an injury, it seems like the world has stopped because you are unable to do everyday things like making dinner or reaching the top shelf. However, when you're an athlete, an injury keeps you from the thing you love most, your passion, your sport. There are lots of ways to handle this to make life a bit easier! Here's our tops tips...

Keep your mind active. 

If your body can't be active, your mind can also wander and you start to think negatively. We've all been in a mental space where nothing seems bright. A way of battling this is to distract yourself with your other interests. If you're not sure what those are, you can explore and find things to draw your focus away from your pain. Join groups, play games, socialise with friends. HAVE FUN! There's lots of ways to do it! 

Eat right. 

Being laid up with an injury can cause some pretty major stress eating. Adjust your diet to your needs. Fresh produce and brain foods will keep your mind active and pull you out of your slump. You may not be as active as you're used to, but you'll need energy to get physically healthy again! 

Set goals. 

You may not be fit enough to win the race yet, but you can still do so much! Set yourself goals that are challenging, but achievable. Even if it's getting out the house for an hour. Once it's done, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment. Another step on the road to your recovery. 

Listen to your doctor. 

It's easy to feel like your doctor or your physical therapist is holding you back from getting to where you want to be. This is a natural feeling, but have faith in these professionals because they want what is best for you. Stick to your recovery plan and you will heal correctly. If you rush the process, you can cause further damage which can stop you from getting back to peak health. Trust the process! 


Meditation can be such a rewarding coping technique when you're feeling overly stressed. Even if you're not a spiritual person, the act of slow breathing, just concentrating on those breaths can be so healing. 

All of these things are helpful when your healing, but if you still can't think past the pain in order to improve, the Lectronics Willow Curve is something that could assist you; 

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Your life may never be the same as it was before your injury, but with these tips, it can be better! 

You've got this!